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Citizen Poet — Pineapples in the worms (video). D. Bykov reads poetry M Efremov

Опубликовано Июл 10, 2011 в Blog-English

In the latest edition of «Citizen of the poet» — Igor Severyanin.

How would sound like his poem, «Pineapples in champagne» («Overture»)

today — due to lagging Governor Dmitry Zelenin?

Version presents Dmitri Bykov Mikhail Efremov.



It was in the capital, in the unforgettable ten:
Not wanting to harm a soul and not a curve,
At a Kremlin reception, on a plate with salad,
Governor Zelenin discovered the worm.

Surrounded by an elite, in the entourage patsanskom —
Starlet left alive, right Putin alive
Governors are in black, pineapples in champagne
Aspic with flashing lights — and the worm rain!

This means playing on a public nerve,
How Russian bards — to guitar strings,
What in the living organism do not start worms,
Governor Zelenin suggests the country!

Not tolerate such freedom no.
Goodbye to the elite, and then and do!
In general, this comparison is to conceptualize six months
And then asked the wit of Tver.

Russia gave a start, deserted in the summer:
Luzhkov’s collapse of oklemalis barely!
Perhaps the governor was guilty not of it?
Maybe Tver impoverished and dislikes EdRa?

What EdRisty Tver failed mercilessly —
So EdRa’m not fond of his lord,
When b fired, who impoverished —
I fear that Kadyrov had not changed a b..

The governor would be saved — and would have risen, by the way,
Although in the nineties and both came off in full —
If a couple of bears found in the salad.
Ile in the salad — a bear, and a compote — the elephant.

He wanted to turn around to all ofigel:
Disco in the ruble, a barbecue before the dawn,
Pineapples in vodyare, Russian boom in Courchevel
Bologoe in Nirvana, the modernists in Tver!

But did not work nicely. Were taken to the concepts.
Do not hover flyers along with gastropods.
Courchevel — Courchevel, the parasites — in a salad,
And in Tver — Shevelev, and Zelenin — outside.

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