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Citizen poet — Performance of the year (video, audio, text, read, watch, listen, download)

Опубликовано Окт 3, 2011 в Blog-English

Poetry reading Dmitri Bykov Mikhail Efremov

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«Citizen of the poet,» decided it was time to «aim a blow at our William Shakespeare.» Especially that passion — in connection with the recent «castling» — raging in the country right gamletovskiye.

That’s «Hamlet» and diversify Dmitri Bykov.

Cast: Mikhail Efremov (Hamlet) and Mikhail Efremov (shade of Hamlet’s father).


Hamlet (the one holding the skull)
The time is out! Broken thread!
Togo pogryaznem look for new storms.
Maybe you’ll tell me, poor Rurik
I should be or not to be?

Shadow of Hamlet’s father (it appears)
You do not have to be.

Who is here? Father! Native creature!
Where are you from? Can it be true you got?
After all, you had four years of ….

Now we change places.

But you went there for Acheron!
What are you looking for in the election, then war?

Yes, we’ve got a People’s Front!
We are more than alive!



Where are you on the status of
I managed to find out like this from all sides, then?

Yes, I really went there a long time, staring,
After all, I am a fighter invisible front.
I walk around you that day.
Everyone has seen, and all I wanted.

Think Dad. You’re just a shadow …

SHADOW (sadly)
I agree, son. But it is not the same shade of shadow!
Our people are obedient, not rich
And brought down to the level of the colonies.

HAMLET (rushing with a sword at the curtain)
There’s someone in there! Listening, you bastard!

What are you yelling?

HAMLET (to blame)
I thought there Polonius …

SHADOW (irritably)
When you do not need you awfully fast.
Polonium in Britain. This Kudrin.
He was thrifty, and, and chaste,
And in general he was a good minister.

Where is he now?

I suppose we in hell.
I’ll take it, when there shall come forth
In his team.

HAMLET (fast)
I’ll go there?

Well, maybe not for long, and for the mind.
Do not give the same to Denmark to be scrapped
Due to some cousins ​​naughty!
Look at yourself, what the hell, the ghost?
Go somewhere ambassador.
You also better: Denmark — prison.
Miserable scrap of land, and how much anger!

HAMLET (suspiciously):
You think I’m crazy?

Of course not, son! Yes, and Why?

But I will come back once or not?
What to expect, giving the crown?

I’m afraid, my son, twelve years
Country will be here purely shadow.
She already had almost a shadow.
Go as a monastery and not pull.

It seems our fate decided.
Long live the stability of the Elsinore.
While the Danes. Then — silence.

Sailors, as they say at sea.


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