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Citizen poet — Operation «Xi.» D. Bykov reads poetry M Efremov (video version)

Опубликовано Июл 10, 2011 в Blog-English

Poetry reading Dmitri Bykov Mikhail Efremov

Wait a minute, the engine does not knock, guys.
Concrete bullshit happened:
Stuffed newspapers into the house, got a press Hata —
And then they suddenly burst.

One zhurnalyugi having heard tales
On the death of sin of theirs,
Asked the president how dangerous
Recumbent with Kichi MBH.

And suddenly he heard from our nano
Instead of the usual mu-mu,
Misha, with Plato, leaning back in Jail,
Will not be dangerous to anyone.

— But what happened to us! — Misha said Plato.
— They do not respect us, Plato!
How long have I brains smeared on the concrete
And rubbed its competitors on a loaf?

And how many cut and how much hanged,
Szhiraya or secretly burying!
Otherwise, of course, «Amnesty International»
Would not stand up for me.

And now rejoice Muratov and Yasin,
Svobodku sensed sk:
The authorities said that I’m safe,
And we knock off for a year period!

Perhaps they came from the United States postcard
Specifically, the court had time,
Maybe zaboyalis that full stints
End of the seventeenth year.

I was sitting on a bunk, a safe,
And looks at me with the Supreme Court,
And the house, white with fear, and the Kremlin, from the wrath of the red —
And that to me do not vsosut.

We will leave at will with you, comrade
Leaving our Chita jail.
We are more than distance, is not soldered
A St. Pete shines a third term.

And then the fourth, and without any obstacles —
Twelve screwed them lads!
How much did he really socially dangerous,
What are we, stayed for two!

States will not take, do not help out Europe
Scandal not be exaggerated —
And if they do not have enough for twelve gop-stop,
They give him pozhiznenku.

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