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Citizen Poet — Moscow Venture (video and audio versions). A poetry reading Bykov M Efremov

Опубликовано Июл 18, 2011 в Blog-English

In the latest edition of «Citizen of the poet» is Agniyu Barto.

Due to the expansion of Moscow Ring Road and beyond will transition into new territory government agencies and institutions, Dmitry Bykov actualized (and scale) Barto poem «The House has moved.»

Presents a new version of Mikhail Efremov.

I wish all the guys
Ten years to go to bed,
And wake up to the twentieth:
Previously, no need to get up.
I get up in the morning in the twentieth —
And see, barely alive:
Medvedev’s plan on
Moved to Moscow!

I have long been once
I told you guys
As in Moscow with great difficulty
Moved to a house.
Now, in order blitz
As a warning to the old days,
All spread out the capital
For the rest of the country.

All at once tore Rosneft
Closer to the holes the oil,
A Gazprom — closer to the gas
In Urengoy and Kogalym.
In Magadan with anguish tear —
All the Russian press,
FSB was sent to Grozny
To study the experience;
Ministry of Defence,
Despite the entreaties,
Transported in the HKSAR
Go to the probable enemy.
In the fused Peter Duma
The government then.
The White House gave GUM
And «Auchan» — the Duma building.
Interior with prosecutors
Go to Sochi to wait
Physical activity —
There is an empty rink.
Putin went with Khabar
In the land of plenty of land —
In the palace to Krasnodar
(For and built).

The city has shaken our planet
Revive a decade.
It no bureaucracy,
James’ no,
No flashing lights!
All were able to send away
Together with the burden of sins.
True, the town hall in memory
Still bought Luzhkov.

Was not the city, and the poem.
And it all hunting
Dima, a junior member of the tandem
In the consolation received.
Received over honest toil:
Foreigners and the rod.
Many people can enjoy:
Tyscha different innovation
Many fiber optic,
Law is obeyed,
The will of better confinement,
The police ad-pods —
And funny his regiment
Under the name Skolkovo.

Our former capital
Modern and proud.
Everything, that is, there tends,
But not all take place.
There is no place in the gate of the narrow,
Do not get through nobody’s ass.
After all, Russia — Russian for all!
Only Moscow — for the Muscovites.

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