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Citizen Poet — Killer theme. D. Bykov reads poetry M Efremov (video)

Опубликовано Июл 10, 2011 в Blog-English

In the latest edition of «Citizen of the poet» — Alexander Twardowski.

In connection with the murder of former Colonel Yuri Budanov

Dmitry Bykov wrote his version of the poem Twardowski, «I killed Rzhev.»

Read by Michael Efremov.

He killed in Caucasus

As told to reports,

Seized dirt

From krovischi and vodka —

Everyone will find the cause

Il fills your …

But do not kill a man

And not killed in battle.


He was killed on the avenue,

Where benches and greenery.

He was appointed after the death of

And the hero and the beast.


Where the blood clotted.

Lay bouquets

On the football slowly.


In the virtual market

Get on the hara

Russophile creatures

Liberal creatures …

In their battle indispensable —

Variable success

With the inevitable refrain:

«Smash to you all!»


Trampled by rebuilding

And glamorous vospryanuv,

We do not see characters

Titans can not find:

After futile attempts to

Here, neither peace nor war —

Only an excess of dead

And the murderers to hell.


Here Lafayette Tsentoroi

And the ruble is not bad,

But do not place the hero —

Yes, and take up from where?

We yarimsya at times,

But in no way free —

Not born a hero

Where no country.


In this howling pile

All are poor and miserable.

All we would have people

Give us the ground under his feet —

And, look, in the forty-fifth

Budanov himself completely

Would be nice soldier

On a normal war.


In the middle of Prospect

Dries red plates.

If I had but know those who

Rzhev killed

Lost name,

Turned up in smoke —

What saved them

Envy them.

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