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Citizen Poet: Kalina yellow (video, audio, text: download, listen, watch, read)

Опубликовано Сен 5, 2011 в Blog-English

Poetry reading Dmitri Bykov Mikhail Efremov

LISTEN: 03:08 // DOWNLOAD: 0.7 МБ

In the latest edition of «Citizen of the poet» — Yesenin.

In connection with the mysterious disappearance of the asphalt highway Chita-Khabarovsk (a year ago, when Vladimir Putin was driving along this route to «Lada Kalina», there was asphalt, now — no)

Dmitry Bykov diversify Yesenin «Letter to My Mother.» Performed by Mikhail Efremov.



A year ago, he went on the road
    On the far side of the eastern
    And little by little went to Chita
    In fangled yellow «Kalina».


    And now learned by reading blogs,
    News like a dream:
    That there is no asphalt on the road.
    That is, he carried off somewhere.


    If the leader was in Khabarovsk —
    Not for long, at least for a couple of years —
    Maybe I did not touch the asphalt used.
    And now — he hi, hi!


    He exploded: «I have personally seen!
    Well they could not give me a false start?
    Not so bitter I natslider,
    To confuse the soil and asphalt! «


    Maybe the neighborhood weasel,
    Realizing their good fortune,
    Blew it for souvenirs
    Or sold as a mummy?


    Whether the «Nashi» army, in spite of Obama
    Anticipating a bonus for their efforts,
    Wiped out there covering her lips,
    Kissing cute footprints?


    Maybe it really — the teeth is not a rock —
    Our savior retinue store,
    And in the absence of asphalt
    All carry coverage after him?


    Despair country, melting anxiety
    Not steep and is not proud.
    He is in Irkutsk — there driven road
    In St. Petersburg — asphalt being taken there.


    First though, we were miserable
    And there were almost naked —
    Fools and long road
    Were here in large numbers.


    But now Russia is like a melting
    Losing the famed become:
    And the asphalt is no longer enough
    And the new nerds do not get it.


    But maybe not in this case.
    The explanation can be annoying
    But I fear — fed up with the asphalt
    Endlessly under Putin lie.


    And the clothes move out, and tableware —
    All posts in the dying house.
    Only those not touched here,
    Who does not need anyone else.


    Kohl come to a similar outcome
    Do not want you home country —
    Never ezdi on roads
    In fangled yellow «Kalina».


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