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Citizen Poet — I-padlo. On the death of Steve Jobs. (video and audio versions of the text)

Опубликовано Окт 12, 2011 в Blog-English

Poetry reading Dmitri Bykov Mikhail Efremov

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In the new edition of «Citizen Poet» — Nikolai Nekrasov.In connection with the death of the founder of Apple Steve Jobs Bykov diversify Nekrasov. «Troika.»

Performed by Mikhail Efremov.


What you are avidly Look for Jobs
    Repeating after accident,
    What does the Lord burned in Russia
    And in the Fatherland, no geniuses?


    In Russia, life happens, sir,
    What the leader board hang.
    You have successfully built a business,
    Wetting fifty people.


    But iPods and iPhones are your
    Not born to do in light of:
    Where are underfoot millions —
    There needs to technologies not.


    As a warning to America pathetic
    You have an image of my eyes:
    Komsomol businessman with quenching —
    Automatic — «AvtoVAZ» — paddy wagon …


    But not all steeped in scoundrel!
    I assume that the half-dead
    You could survive in the nineties
    And with the loot went to zero.


    And then, not very talkative,
    To no one harbored illusions,
    Petersburg novochekisty
    Sawed to your capital.


    For iPods and iPhones are your
    B scraped together for you materyal,
    You have trampled on the Russian zone,
    Scheele gloves and shoes lost.


    And colleagues have also sat
    If you were minded gonorist,
    As deceased in the same week
    Maimed in prison lawyer.


    But suppose that the fate of a lawyer
    Past, future thy Jobs
    Because you are unable to come to terms
    Since most of the bosses, with assholes.


    And then you age your busy
    Would spend in useful cases:
    Olympic building sites
    And Chechnya helped, as Allah.


    But iPods and iPhones are your
    Appearance frightened the enemy:
    Each would weigh about a ton
    And diesel fuel would ate to fig.


    Beamed to every billboard
    White teeth and dark oval.
    Lebedev would beat you in the face,
    Polonsky A court would let on.


    But then the authorities would have bothered
    Watch your rapid growth:
    You’re headed to «just cause»
    And you would have nipped the tail.


    But iPods and iPhones are your
    From the business man, ruined in the smoke
    Seligersky propagandony
    B goats were distributed to young.

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