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Citizen poet — Great verse of the great movie (audio, video, text, download, listen, read, watch)

Опубликовано Сен 26, 2011 в Blog-English

Poetry Dmitri Bykov reading Mikhail Efremov

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In the latest edition of «Citizen of the poet» — Yesenin.

Yesenin poem «Shaganeh …» could not be better approached Dmitri Bykov to express their feelings on the occasion of the choice of the movie «The Citadel» by Nikita Mikhalkov as a candidate for the award «Oscar» of Russia.

Mikhail Efremov supports it.

«Citadel» you are mine, «Citadel»!
    Because we’re from the north, that is,
    From your overtaking the role of
    Not one escaped until now.

    It can be seen closely, we ran aground,
    And fate is not about to break his knee.
    There is also a «Faust» at us, and «Helen»
    But most importantly of all, «Citadel».

    Our brands — an overcoat and a blizzard,
    Carousel instead of a flat road
    And jelly instead of thinking about God.
    This is something of which the citadel.

    Do not get away from you, «Citadel»
    Champion rolled Moscow,
    Do you dream more and to «Oscar»
    Ponavesit their noodles.

    Our people are here Bunuel,
    Fernandel, Pasolini, Fellini
    And they all take off on a picture-
    We would have sent there, «Citadel».

    This Russian involvement easy eh?
    Slipping from the Kremlin hall,
    You are already permeated all,
    You are my vertical, vertical.

    We are ten weeks before the election
    And the future seems to six months,
    But again, you stand out in front,
    The Citadel you, my stronghold.

    Our people are even Lassalle
    Sarkozy, Cameron and Obama
    There would have been a first drama
    And then again to the vertical.

    Wait, come April,
    The choice is clear, has nothing to chance —
    We will provide you a victory,
    «Citadel» you are mine, «Citadel»!

    Denote a specific purpose,
    Academics Shunem kickbacks —
    And you will hand over «Oscars» States
    «Citadel» you are mine, «Citadel»!

    After all, they inhale the stench of your
    And consider it a flavor
    Because the U.S. likes you,
    Poshekhonye you my Poshekhonye!

    Nowhere us not get away from here
    And do not select the other chains —
    Mikhalkov, party committees, Surkov
    Cradle, pohabel, «Citadel»


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