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Опубликовано Сен 12, 2011 в Blog-English

Poetry reading Dmitri Bykov Mikhail Efremov

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In the latest edition of «Citizen of the poet» — Daniel Harms

In connection with the surprising decision of the director, actor, priest Ivan Okhlobystin

a candidate for the next presidential elections

poet and writer, Dmitry Bykov, likened it to harmsovskim «Ivan Toporyshkinym.»

Singer Honored Artist of Russia Mikhail Efremov.



Ivan Okhlobystin, known as the Bulls,
Blew statement stagnation news:
He wants in the chorus of enthusiastic shouts
Go for the presidency next spring.


Then he confessed fervent falsetto
What a concert soon please light
What surprised all of the philosophical concept,
A rule intended to fourteen years.


At the same election, so that power is not diminished,
With him went Putin, jumping a law —
Medvedev said as the guests of Yaroslavl
What rules does not it, and that he will not.


But Chaplin, head of Church Relations,
I noticed that one should think the ass
The fact would like to make a perfect
And not how to lead the crowd.


That’s right, shook the social network
Okhlobystin got a hero rumor.
Now explain, please, children
Like this story understand you?


— Ivan Okhlobystin went to the president.
With him went Putin, jumping law.
But Chaplin told him, «Put on your robe you»
And it became clear that he will not.


— Ivan presidential met, become delirious,
And Putin was thinking to move the shoulder,
But Chaplin said that there will be Medvedev,
A Bulls in the course of all innocent.


— Ivan Okhlobystin came to decay,
Invented the concept and took it to the Internet,
But Chapman said she’d better not,
And Putin was given for fourteen years.


— Medvedev and Putin are merged into a non-printed,
Efremov and Bulls have gone to rest,
Their place was filled with Chaplin and Chapman …
What Okhlobystin? And who is he?


You are, as always, mixed up, children,
However, our amendments will not be saved:
After all, no matter how these realities Shuffle up,
Everywhere turns absurd.


And, like Harms, sounds for some reason —
Other perspectives are not visible in the blank:
First, they all failed in the swamp
And then from somewhere, took an ax.


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