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Citizen Poet — Ballad of the hoopoe. Poems Bykov plays Efremov. (audio and video versions, download)

Опубликовано Авг 1, 2011 в Blog-English

In the latest edition of «Citizen of the poet» — the inimitable Alexander Vertinsky.

How it would sound «Little Girl» today — in connection with the refusal of the district court Belsky Platon Lebedev in parole.

Version presents Dmitri Bykov Mikhail Efremov.

I lost clothing —
They have taken in broad daylight.
Along with her lost hope
That the will let me go.
We tried once for knuckle-
That are comparable with the budget of the country,
And now I am on trial for shoes
And missing them pants.
Reputation is very bad
The prosecution — even in the cooler shove:
I’m not so fond of vertuhaya,
How I fell in love with the guard.

Slippers, slippers,
Slippers are mine!
Family to live without Daddy,
Pope — without my family!

But in addition, unknown source
Uncertain leaked last
With reference again indefinite
Solicits the alpha male.
This means that with the coming year
Our Russia — a full-fledged outlaw:
Nanodimina nanosvoboda
Nanozvezdoy covered.
He stayed within legal limits,
But now brewing scandal
Because he’s white slippers
Innovation your saw!

Slippers, slippers!
All in one ohapochke
As he saw the slippers!

That’s your whole thaw, boy,
Liberal reforms, sir.
All matters of your fingers wet
Fit into the slipper one.
You slyly admitted on Tuesday,
Lift the lip area, —
What career did you start as a janitor,
And I’m afraid that your ceiling.
All our illusions to bring down —
Small, as you can see, work.
We former «Liner» to listen to —
If only they were not soprut!

Boots, boots,
My boots —
Unfiled, old
But your own!

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