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Citizen of the poet — no need to mud. D. Bykov reads poetry M. Efremov (video version)

Опубликовано Июл 10, 2011 в Blog-English

In the latest edition of «Citizen of the poet» — Mikhail Lermontov.

On the occasion of the recognition of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin that after the election he was «going to wash,» Dmitry Bykov diversify Lermontov’s poem «Farewell, unwashed Russia.» Performed by Mikhail Efremov.


Well, unwashed Russia,
Country of slaves, land of lords!
You tried scraped off, I
But who otskrebet this?

You do not got the princess:
Polurazyataya country
Chock-full of dirty media
And dirty election is complete.

And how many dirty money
Gusinsky, God forgive me!
So I took a broom Cheka
And you began to feud.

To pre-empt a loud garknuv,
I picked up the home with his knees.
I drove the dirty oligarchs
And the net has grown up in return.

I rebuilt the press,
How can you vodilos from time immemorial.
I assigned the dirty old woman —
And they were clean!

And nothing is not lost,
And the hum of discontent has calmed down,
And the election has not become dirty.
Was not at all any.

But the crisis broke out wet
Systems shtatovskih residential
Once again, Russia was different,
And so, dirty, my God!

On this wild, flat dish —
As you wish, so he and possession, —
Suddenly, people stood out.
How to clean it without people!

And the choice for next summer,
To the delight of suckers and bungler,
Let not two — the two do not have something —
But even though half of the b!

Good-bye, tenacious infection.
And I’m not the one, and you are not the same.
Perhaps, beyond the range Caucasus
Now available purity?

There any cleaner Moidodyr
Laundered troubled region
My faithful henchman Kadyrov —
But who is there, when I was there that he?

Go, misunderstood and not recognized,
With scowl boy.
Farewell, unwashed Fatherland,
Uncorrectable country.

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