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Children on Koh Samui. Children’s holiday on the island of happiness — the recommendation.

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Children on Koh Samui

I guess I did not have anywhere else to meet in one place so many beautiful children. Children on the island of Koh Samui — is the most holy of holies. Children of all ages. Kids of all colors and a variety of shaped eyes. They are united by one thing — they are happy and calm. Just as happy and satisfied parents.

At first I was a little surprised that here from all over the world traveling mom and dad with kids is not something that up to one year, and even up to 1 month. Even scary to look at the picture: the beach is a family with three children is small-less than the small and the parents are still in the hands almost a newborn baby. But then you get used to, it is very common.

It’s very calm and quiet. Here the «soft» warm and clean sea beach sand. Here stable climate and minimal risk of natural disasters.

It seems that the very «locked up» on a family vacation with children.

Thais are very fond of children, and you will notice that they are all related to kids with extraordinary kindness and attention.

And so what beautiful and loved by the children themselves have tayev — a must see!

For the very young, as a rule, Hotel & Resort is a children’s play room, tutors and nannies. Price uslun usually small. But kindness and responsibility, as a rule, are guaranteed.

For older children, the number of impressions and are not restricted.

It turns out that for children of all ages and their parents are simply created a haven. To ensure that nothing could spoil your holiday, we decided to gather some important recommendations for families with children.

Sun on Koh Samui

In contrast to the usual for most of our clients latitudes, usually here it shines and shines brightly. In my experience, children often can not be persuaded to spend time in the shadows, if there is a huge beach, which is so necessary to investigate. So, first of all, you should take care to adequate protection from the sun. Sunscreens do not necessarily carry with country — all this can be bought in every local convenience store.

Eating on Samui

As we have already mentioned, many Thai dishes are very sharp, so it is always better to prevent waiters cook «spicy notes» or «May pet» (not spicy), however, do not forget that even keen to Thais can be very sensitive to child’s body. Therefore, for the meals with the children’s best to avoid authentic cafes with menus only in Thai language. Fortunately, as the island of Koh Samui in the first place, a tourist place, most establishments offer adapted for tourists mild Thai cuisine and European dishes.

The island also has several bakeries, European owners are terrific baked bread for sale, and fans can be bought milk yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese and other dairy products in the specialty store, located near the hypermarket Makro.

Products for children in Samui

It is not necessary before the trip bought diapers for the whole vacation — in local stores is a wide choice of nappies Thai, Malay and Japanese manufacturers, and is much cheaper than their counterparts in Russia. Also, do not necessarily take a lot of toys, except, perhaps, the most beloved. Cheap, but very high quality plastic toys from China, presented here in abundance. The same applies to clothing prices in Thailand on clothing, especially children’s, are very low, T-shirts / shorts for a child on vacation can be purchased at local malls.

How to travel with children on Koh Samui

To move with the children, we recommend using only four-wheeled vehicles — leased cars, taxis or «tuk-tuk ‘(local taxi). You probably meet a Thai family here, or even Europeans, traveling on motorbikes the whole family, including very small children. Unfortunately, even experienced drivers are not immune to accidents, the consequences are for the passengers of mopeds can be very sad. In addition, ordinary health insurance does not cover the cost of treatment after accidents on two-wheeled vehicles.

Medicine in Samui

Do not forget to buy tickets and medical insurance for themselves and their children!

No special vaccinations to visit Thailand is not required.

The attitude of the local population of children

If you do not know how much the Thai people love children, you probably will be surprised at their attitude towards your child. At first, everyone’s attention to the child, the desire to touch, a smile, pat on the head can be a little strain, but not to worry — all of it comes from a pure heart in Thailand, which are themselves in many ways like children. It is best to relax and smile back, too, especially our children often themselves delighted with the immersion in the atmosphere of universal love that prevails in Thailand.

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