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Belarus has banned the songs of Victor Tsoi

Опубликовано Июл 19, 2011 в Blog-English

Administration of the Belarusian Radio has developed a list of songs for the staff and expressions that should not fall into the ether.

«First of all, it’s» Changes «Viktor Tsoi — said TV channel» Belsat «employee of the First Channel of Belarusian Radio.

— Last month, a lot of people ordered it — this was not before. And another song, «Liapis Trubetskoy» — «Gray» and the «Belarus freedom».

The interviewee notes that these songs attached to the same prohibitions groups «NRM», «Krambambulya», «Krum» and others.

In addition, the desktop of every broadcaster now hangs listing prohibited to pronounce the words on the air.

«After the incident with Alexander Grigorievich ShOSom on» Russian Radio «brought together the management meeting where we explained that to say on the air» SCO «or simply» Alexander G. «is prohibited. Now all the messages from listeners re-read several times before they let the air «, — said the employee.

Coordinator of «Tuzіn gіtoў» Sergey Budkin said that such a decision of the radio can not find a logical explanation.

«I am convinced that the ban will provide additional advertising for musicians. This has already been used. And Belarusian musicians going only for the benefit of image prohibited Singers — then to him interest from the audience. «

As for the banned songs of Tsoi, the expert believes that it can really become an anthem for change in Belarus.

«It is very often heard of cars. It is interesting that in Soviet times, it also tried to ban. But after so many years, it remains relevant, «- said Budkin.

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