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As in Russia will pay a pension in two years?

Опубликовано Окт 14, 2011 в Blog-English

Golikova initiated major changes of the pension system

So, in 2014 the planned pension reform.

As we all know, this reform aimed at strengthening social policies and the reduction of social guarantees of the state to older people.

The fact that the retirement age will inevitably be raised, has no doubts. It is true at the same time in Russia is not planned any action to increase life expectancy, which is known to be one of the lowest in the world.

And the future looks to further the state represented by Minzdravasotsrazvitiya Russia are the following:

to avoid increasing the budget deficit pension fund, which currently allows for hardly worthy of retirees with pensions, offered two years later to move to a new system of pensions form. If you now increase the pension or increase with inflation, the proposed innovation offers to put the pension into a direct relationship is not inflation, but the size of the average wage.

This will not only increased the retirement age, and length of service — up to 30 years.

This is especially fun for women who not only worked, but bravely served the country and the demographic program were on holiday childcare.

The average citizen of Russia, who finished college and started working at age 22, and gave birth to and raised 2 children, can now expect to retire after 58 years. This is the best. Because it is assumed that it all this time have never been unemployed or arranged «in the gray scheme» (which is often practiced and practiced earlier today).

What else makes us happy SEDESOL? And that is also planned to introduce a special rate, which will allow the government to change the size of pensions depending on the situation in the economy.

Based on the foregoing, I suggest that current and future retirees cease to depend on handouts from degrading the state and reflect on ways and means of financial independence. If interested you can read the publication:

How and where to make money or earn some money when you are older than 40 years?

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