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Anti-substance. CERN physicists managed to keep the atoms of antisubstance within 16 minutes (!)

Опубликовано Авг 12, 2011 в Blog-English

By assumption, scholars, namely the Big Bang, which occurred 13 billion years ago, produced the same number of substances and antisubstantsy. But later antimatter has disappeared and now she is looking for and by scientists to explain arisen in our world of asymmetry.

At the heart of the Big Bang theory, which led to the creation of our universe is the assumption that the substance and the substance of the anti possess equal strength of the electromagnetic effects.

As stated in an article published in the British journal «Nature», the physicists of the European Centre for Nuclear Research / CERN / antimatter atoms were kept for 16 minutes, which is considered sufficient for the study of this elusive substance. For these purposes, the researchers used antiproton moderator. This is a special vacuum trap, in which the antihydrogen atoms are held to meet with the matter with strong magnetic fields.

As a result of this experiment, scientists at CERN was able to study about 300 atoms of antimatter over a thousand seconds.

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