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And again on ‘Putin’s Palace’ — ‘Stolen from the people of Russia. Refundable’ (photo report)

Опубликовано Июл 11, 2011 в Blog-English

According to the Water Act, the sea - the object of common use. The width of public foreshore belonging to all citizens of Russia - 20 meters.

Six months later

 Scandal died down so-called  ‘palace of Putin.  Knows how to have power to suppress those questions to which it (the government) essentially nothing to answer. Yes, and to whom to report? To the people? Who is it? These are … These … War veterans or something? Yes, a lot of them will honor, let keep quiet, but obese herds infused into the vacuum of the front, another from them and do not want to … So says the power.

Occasionally climbs a small wave of this impressive facility near Gelendzhik. For example, Alex Navalynyi of it is not forgotten.

But in general: the quiet expanse, but God’s grace …

And it came to pass interesnenkoe! What will this photo essay.
Then I literally refer to the source: LJ user GAZARYAN_SUREN


How «green» bathed and cuddled with security at Putin’s beach

Today I and Mary of Ukhova EkoVahty, together with the guys from the youth Yabloko, the members of «Solidarity» movement and the representatives of the Gelendzhik Human Rights Center, conducted a public inspection of the Black Sea coast, situated between the villages and Praskoveevka Krynica. It is here that is odious object, known as the «Palace of Putin.» In the end we managed to not only view the «beach Putin,» but also to defend their right to use it.

Just behind the beach is blocked by Praskoveevkoy iron fence, which, judging by inscriptions, preventing access of citizens to the «technical area berth.»

In fact, its purpose — to protect from prying eyes the illegal construction of coastal infrastructure, «the palace». The fence is constantly on duty guards, which we were not allowed to climb through it. But did not object to the new signs are not appended it.


To get to the beach, which by law must be accessible to all citizens, we had to bypass the fence along the river first, and then go a couple of miles through the forest, including the extreme slope of the gorge.

Coming out of the woods, we soon came to the plate with a curious inscription.

Near the plate on duty three chelovka in black, who began to tell that this is a private area and it can not be included. They called themselves members of the PPC «Ruby», although no tokens or certificates they did not have. They could not explain it, what kind of object to protect the public foreshore. So we continued walking along the shore, and people dressed in black tried to stop us. On the part of the Palace of them came to the aid of new and new guards. In the confusion, they are constantly contacted by radio with the authorities. Although the speakers give orders «not to miss in any case», to stop us no good.

Rounding the cape, we came to the place where the output of the elevator leading from the palace to the sea. Here on the banks still under construction which is a huge concrete box. Here, guard made ​​a last attempt, blocking our path to their bodies. Came to their head, dressed all in white, who said that no one here will not release until it comes superiors and the police.

But we were not going to go away — just outside the fence of the palace remained a small stretch of beach where you can swim.

Ten security guards lined up around the beach and stood like that for as long as we have to buy it, do not go back together. The police and the authorities did not appear. Here again, the guards tried to detain, grabbing hands and even hugging us. It looked funny, sort of a gay club with elements of American football.

When this strategy did not work, their boss told to go to drastic measures and security guards were also detained women, the elderly and threaten. In order not to provoke a fight, we had to stop. Zufar Achilov called on the phone the police. In the end, after an hour came just two patrol cars — at first from the city’s police department, and then a police village Divnomorskoe.

Senior district Divnomorskoe POM Dmitry Svechnikov received from Achilova statement about our illegal detention guards, who promptly fled in an unknown direction. No violations of the law on our side the police were found. Deputy Director of the PSC «Ruby», which did not give his name, was extremely disappointed.

They promised him that he will come back.

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