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ABC WordPress. How to make content on the site (for example, using a template for travel site Eleganttheme)

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Some time ago I had to teach the customer how to properly enter content on a site that is based on WordPress.

The case moved slowly, because the customer did not quite understand the order of registration records and appointment of design elements and formatting content. The situation was aggravated by the fact that as a pattern of administration of the site was used from the theme EStore Eleganttheme.

Topics Eleganttheme — smart, pretty, fancy, multi-functional and cool initially optimized for seo.

This is their definite plus. But the same fact when working with the customer turns out less by necessity a detailed explanation of how to use such a complex (in the understanding of the customer), but is actually an extremely useful tool.

In order not to pull the cat’s tail, I made a detailed «Guide to making content with pictures.»

I present it to you, because I believe that it may be useful not only to webmasters, but also those who are still only beginning to deal with how to use threads WopdPress new generation.

Thus, the theme of EStore Eleganttheme.

Theme is integrated with ECommerce and LiteCommerce, ie in fact contains elements of an online store, which makes it even more attractive.

I note that this «Guide» can also be used in the design of sites created on the template ElegantEstateTheme and other topics from this developer — there is almost the same admin panel.

Guidance on making content on the site with pictures.

Use template topics EStore andWordPress 3.1.1

To begin with some basic concepts and simple advice on search engine content optimization (seo).

What is the content?

Content  of the site — it is a text information, tables, links, tags, headings, images, audio and video files placed on the site.

How to make content popular with search engines?

In order to correctly site indexed by search engines need to follow a few rules:

  1.     Textual information should be as unique (up from third party sources is perceived as plagiarism search engines and automatically lowers the rating of a site in the search);
  1.     Links to other sites is negatively perceived by search engines. Each link to your site increases the rating of the site to which you refer, and lowers the ranking of your site in the search;
  2.     Internal linking site (links to their own pages and sections) increases the rating of your site;
  3.     Textual information should contain the necessary and sufficient set of keywords (semantic kernel);
  4.     Some search engines have a positive attitude to properly label assigned to the messages, do not forget to label prescribing;
  5.     Since search engines do not see the images and see only the words, all images and other media files should be correctly named.

Basic information on preparing for the introduction of content.

Contribute content to the site can be any registered user. But only a user with administrator status can change any content, including made by other users.
To access the site in your browser to dial a string http://hhh.ru/wp-admin and enter their credentials.
After logging in the upper part of the site will be an administrative panel that allows you to quickly transition to the different administrative functions.
To make content should enter into an administrative section (the admin panel) and go to «Records».

The introduction of new content.

To add a new record, click on any of the four buttons:

Next opens a new record.

The upper part forms a new record consists of the following elements:

    The lower part forms a new record consists of the following elements:

Only need to fill in these fields. But they all need to be filled or exhibited Now!

The remaining fields are not necessary.

  Making content.

Consider the example of creating a record. Are making title and body text. To get the navigation buttons to the «Cyprus» with the text «See all latest offerings in this direction,» click on the specified position:

    Pop-up window fill in the following way:

  Correctly insert photos and images. To do this in the Product Thumbnail # 1: (remember the 4 fields to insert an image of the tour or product?) Click on the button Upload Image in a popup window and choose where we will load the image. If the image of the tour so far in the base site (gallery), it will ship with your computer. If you already have such images in the gallery, then select the position of the «Gallery» and there we find these images.

Image upload and ask us to pop up, where his place:

Attention! Thumbnail load only once! In all the other three fields Product Thumbnail click only on the position of «insert record»!

Fill in all the fields about which the above. As a result we get here is filling the lower part of the record:

Now fill the upper part of the record round and finish the process.

We have here a picture-filled entry and now click «Post»:

    If done correctly, you will get this result:

Please note that all pictures in full size entries, ie when you click on them pops up a window with a full size image.

Good luck! If you have questions, ask.

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